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Earth Day 2015

  We’re celebrating our B-Earth Day (combining Earth Day and Green in BKLYN’s Sixth Anniversary) on Saturday, April 25th.  We hope you’ll stop in and join us for all or part of the party… Green in BKLYN’s B-Earth Day Celebration Sunday 4/25 12-5pm: Free tastes of Local Treats – from Brooklyn taste … More

SONYA Studio Stroll – June 8 & 9

The SONY Studio Stroll returns on June 8 and 9 – this Saturday and Sunday – from 12-6pm. And it’s FREE. The Stroll is a self-guided tour of SONYA (South Of the Navy Yard Artists) members’ studios as well as … More

The Laundromat Project

The Laundromat Project in partnership with Weeksville Heritage Center is hosting its the 2nd annual Greening the City (formerly Seeding the City) – a day of workshops, demonstrations & art activities focused on environmental awareness & urban beautification. Greening the City will take … More

Celebrate Earth Day (Sunday 4/22) at Green in BKLYN

Just around the corner is our favorite holiday… It’s Earth Day, of course!  Kind of like Mother’s Day but for your other mother (Earth). As the eco-friendly shop we are & ‘cuz it’s also the shop’s anniversary (three years this … More

Bananarchy Reigns – Sat. 11/5 2-4pm

On Saturday, November 5th from 2-4pm, Green in BKLYN hosts a book signing & recipe tasting with Jane Gish, author of the Bananarchist Cookbook. The Bananarchist Cookbook is organized like many cookbooks but is  interspersed with anarchist trivia, jokes, useful … More

Campfire Cookery & S’mores

Whether one likes to actually go out into the wild & cook (i.e., campfire cookery), most folks won’t argue with the glory of homemade s’mores wherever they’re served. And so, in the interest of accommodating both interests, the lovely authors … More

SONYA Studio Stroll – This Weekend

This weekend is the 12th Annual SONYA Studio Stroll – an awesome (FREE) opportunity to visit with local Brooklyn artists. The Stroll is a self-guided tour of SONYArtist members’ studios and galleries in Clinton Hill, Ft. Greene, Wallabout and Bedford … More

ReMake It! this Saturday 4/30 2-4pm

On Saturday, April 30th from 2-4pm, the lovely, talented & super eco-friendly Tiffany Threadgould will be at Green in BKLYN signing ReMake It! – her brand new crafty book – as well as sharing a free bonus crafty project to make … More

ReMake It! (to be rescheduled)

NOTICE OF EVENT TO BE RESCHEDULED: The lovely & charming, talented & super eco-friendly Tiffany Threadgould will NOT be at Green in BKLYN on Saturday, March 19th signing ReMake It! – her brand new crafty book. The event will be rescheduled … More

What’s “In Our Back Yards”?

“In Our Back Yards” (or ioby) isn’t just the place we have out behind our homes (if we’re super lucky) but its also a place (ioby.org) to post a local environmental project that needs financial or volunteer support. ioby (in … More